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We offer a wide range of plumbing services for commercial/residential high and low rises, institutional and industrial facilities including:
Installation, repair and maintenance of:
  • Industrial,  commercial and residential plumbing system
  • Booster pump stations
  • Storm and sanitary sump pump stations
  • PRV stations
  • Variety of pumps and circulators
  • Sanitary and storm drain systems.
  • High end plumbing fixtures
  • Drain cleaning

Let us help you keep warm throughout the cold winter months. We will be able to help you choose the most appropriate solution for your residential or commercial needs.

We offer the variety of commercial and residential heating services including:

Installation, repair and maintenance of:

  •  Hydronics heating systems, forced air heating, radiant in floor heating
  •  Residential and commercial heating furnaces
  •  Hot water and low pressure steam boilers
  •  Heating and domestic hot water pumps
  •  Solar heating systems including vacuum tubes and drain down panels
  •  Consulting services for energy efficiency of the heating systems
Class A Gas
Gas lines and pipes are the lifeline of your home or building. Insuring the health of your pipes and lines are very important in avoiding costly future expenses. We can provide you with a checkup report and help resolve any issues before they turn into problems.

MegaHydronics is licensed and has full WCB coverage to offer all kind of Class A Gas installation, alterations and maintenance for industrial, commercial and residential gas piping and appliances including:

Installation, repair of:

  • Gas piping
  • Gas regulator stations
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of gas fire boilers, furnaces and ovens
  • annual inspection and services of gas fire boilers, required by safety authority.

All the services will be done by qualified Class A licensed technicians.
We pull gas permit for all applicable installation and alteration work.

HVAC / Air Conditioning
MegaHydronics can help you beat the heat during the summer months! We can repair your existing air conditioner or install a new one for you to help deal with the heat during the searing summer months.

Our experienced and licensed team offers full range of services for HVAC systems including:

  • Installation, repair and maintenance of water heat pumps
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of kitchen equipment
  • Our class A licensed gas fitters offer installation, start up, repair and maintenance of direct and indirect fire make up air units, RTU’S,  condensing units and fan coils.
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of exhaust and supply fans.
  • Maintenance and repair of automobile paint booth.

It’s very important to do the minimum annual service and maintenance of your gas fire equipment.
We offer a wide range of services for your gas appliances such as hot water boilers, low pressure steam boilers, pool and spa boilers, process boilers and furnaces including:

  • Annual inspection and maintenance of high and low input heating and domestic hot water boilers
  • Perform annual inspection or overhaul the low pressure steam boilers
  • Installation and repair of all brands of American and European boilers and furnaces.
  • Combustion solution consultation
  • Start up of the large input boilers and perform start up inspection services in coordination with BC Safety Authority Safety Officers.

Back Flow Prevention Assembly Testing and Service
As a part of the City’s program to maintain and ensure the quality of the drinking water, it has implemented bylaws to install and test Back Flow Preventer devices on the potable water supply lines. The focus is to maintain potential cross connections between potable and non-potable water or any contamination areas.

Mega Hydronics provides complete annual and custom schedule Back Flow Preventer Assembly Testing and Service Programs. Our fully licensed back flow preventer testers perform the required tests with the latest instruments and technologies at your convenience to minimize the facility or equipment interruption.

All the test reports are submitted to the City , Engineering Department by our licensed testers.

Building Maintenance
We know the stresses that arise when things go awry in a building. Contact us and let us help relieve the stress by addressing your concerns in a timely and professional manner.

Preventive maintenance is one of the best solutions of avoiding the costly emergency service calls or unexpected shut down or interruption in your building or facility. In order to lower your maintenance cost and higher the efficiency of you property and equipment, Mega Hydronics offer the annual, semi-annual  and quarterly preventive maintenance program which includes Inspection and maintenance service as per manufacturer schedule as following

  • Heating and Domestic Boilers, Pool and Spa boilers, Low pressure steam boilers
  • Heating and Domestic pumps
  • Hot water heaters and storage tanks
  • Sanitary and Storm sump pump stations
  • Water booster pump stations
  • PRV stations
  • Annual Back Flow Preventer Inspection and test
  • Chemical analysis and maintenance of heating and cooling water quality
  • Direct and Indirect Fire Make up Air Units
  • Roof Top Units
  • A/C Condensing Units and Fan Coils
  • Water cool and Dry cool Cooling Towers
  • A/C Compressors
  • Air Handling Units
  • Parkade Exhaust Fans
  • Service Room supply and exhaust fans
  • Refrigerator units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Solar Heating Systems
  • Heat Exchangers

Vacuum Service

Our low profile vacuum truck is the perfect choice to accommodate underground parkades & and hard to reach areas. We remove and dispose of excess water, sediment & debris build up, keeping your systems working efficiently and effectively. Our technical expertise and streamlined approach sees a decrease in your vacuum truck service costs making us the go to company by Stratas, Commercial Businesses and Municipalities. 

We provide:

    • Catch Basin and Sump Cleaning
    • Storm & Sanitary Pit Cleaning
    • Excess Water Removal 
    • Trench Drain and Drainage Cleaning 
    • Sewer Line Cleaning 
    • Elevator Pit Cleaning
    • OIl Interceptor Cleaning 




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